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Bardinet Kirsch


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Bardinet Kirsch is an exclusive liquor made from distillations of top quality cherries. It gained renown as a quality product with a certain level of exoticism, with its particular color and being an ideal brandy to accompany all kinds of desserts and ice cream.

Bardinet S.A. is part of the world's top ten spirits makers and has 29 facilities and more than 2300 employees. Its commitment to reducing a negative impact on the environment and carrying out campaigns to improve its efficiency and reduce the consumption of resources also positions them as a leading company in environmental awareness.

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Technical sheet

Category:Aguardiente (Spirits)
Producer: Bardinet
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Spain

Description of Bardinet Kirsch

Bardinet Kirsch


  • Colour: Bardinet Kirsch has a clear, translucent appearance, with the slightest blue hue.
  • Aroma: Simple bouquet with fruity notes and almond undertones, charged with citrus aromas.
  • Taste: More citrus and crispy flavours explode on the palate, with a distinctive aftertaste of orange and a slightly bitter finish.

PRODUCER: Bardinet.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Different varieties of top quality cherry fruits are carefully selected for the manufacturing of this interesting spirit. The fruits are meticulously fermented, and the must is later distilled until a pure elixir is obtained, that is later reduced in order to obtain this Spanish brandy. Incorporating all the flavour from the earth, and the ideal synergy between traditional methods and state of the art technology, this house truly adheres to its motto, to preserve quality and make it accessible for everyone. The final result is a superb liqueur carefully crafted conserving the quality in every step of the process. The fresh and crispy sensations that unfold on the palate and the simple notes on the mouth and nose make this an ideal drink to be served very chilled as a sipping drink, or to accompany diverse pastry dishes, desserts, and ice cream.


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The Producer



Created in 1857, Bardinet has remained a standard-setting company in the production of Rum, thanks to its flagship brand "Negrita" which remains an illustrious example of traditional rum.

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very good service
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Bardinet Kirsch

5 /5

Great to throw in the cheese fondue. Not a real eau-de-vie, but you should not expect for this price.
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4 /5

TASTING NOTES:Color: Bardinet Kirsch, blueSmell: A citricTaste: A orangeALCOHOL: 15% VolCOUNTRY: Spain
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3 /5

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I found it awesome

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