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Berentzen (Aguardiente)

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Berentzen Doornkaat

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- Enjoy the sinful smooth flavour of Germany's traditional maize-based schnapps, it's clean, clear and awesome.
- In its bold green bottle and distinct logo it should be positioned between vodkas and gin and in the neighborhood of grain specialties like Steinhaeger and Aquavit. Doornkaat could be enjoyed chilled or in your favourite cocktail.
- Doornkaat is the only speciality grain spirit that is distilled three times in a complex procedure, thus acquiring its unique quality. This ensures that Doornkaat has an extremely pure, mild and clear flavour which corresponds to the connoisseur of clear spirits.
- Doornkaat, in the striking green, four-cornered bottle, has been one of the most well-known German brand name spirits for a number of decades (38% vol).

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