Grappa Poli Torcolato Amor 50cl

Poli Distillerie (Aguardiente)

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It's Poli Distillerie who produces the Grappa Poli Torcolato Amor 50cl ($63.12), a aguardiente with origins in Italy with an alcoholic level of 40%. The Drinks&Co community values the Grappa Poli Torcolato Amor 50cl with 4 of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Grappa Poli Torcolato Amor

Category:Aguardiente (Spirits)
Producer: Poli Distillerie
Volume: 50cl Other volumes
Grapes: Tocai Friuliano
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Italy

Description · Poli Distillerie

Grappa Poli Torcolato Amor 50cl (Tocai Friuliano)

TASTING NOTES OF Grappa Poli Torcolato Amor 50cl:

  • Light color.
  • Flavour: a wide range of flavors: dates, dried apricots, raisins, honey and sweet spices.
  • Taste: on the palate, incredible, rich and persistent deep, strong performance of the flavors on the finish.

PRODUCER: Poli Distillerie.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: from pomace Vespaiolo and Friulian.

Poli Distillerie

The Poli distillery, founded in Schiavon in 1898 and owned by the Poli family, produces grappa using an alembic completely copper, among the very few still existing, composed of steam boilers with a discontinuous cycle and is one of the major producers of artisan grappa in the Vicenza area . The...

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Highlighted review about Grappa Poli Torcolato Amor 50cl

Posted on at 13.42


Jacopo Poli "amorosa Di Dicembre" Torcolato 50cl

- Color: clear, transparent smell: slightly exotic by sweet fruit, dried fruit and raisins Taste: velvety on the palate with aromatic depth, a grappa full of finesse! Allergens: contains sulfites

More reviews about Grappa Poli Torcolato Amor 50cl

Posted on at 17.15

4 /5

TASTING NOTES OF Brennerei Poli Jacopo Amorosa Torcolato 40 % 50cl:

  • Color: transparent and crystal clear.
  • Flavour: elegant scent of tropical fruit, raisins, fresh almonds, honey and feelings of iodine.
  • Taste: dry, smooth, with a long aromatic persistence in the end.

PRODUCER: Jacopo Poli Brennerei.


Posted on at 05.22

3 /5

Brennerei Poli Jacopo Amorosa Torcolato 40 % 50cl was awesome

Posted on at 05.08

4 /5

Grappa Poli Amorosa Di Dicembre Torcolato 50cl

Excellent Italian Grappa.

Posted on at 13.11

4 /5

Jacopo Poli "amorosa Di Dicembre" Torcolato 50cl

Jacopo Poli manufacturer Origin Italy, Veneto varieties Friulano, Vespaiolo Description Clear, transparent Grappa with a slightly exotic, after sweet fruits and dried fruit and raisins fragrant flavor typical. The palate is silky smooth with aromatic depth, a Grappa full of finesse! Serving Serve these di Amorosa Dicembre well chilled (but not cold!) At about 10 to 15 ° C in a small, thin-walled, tulip-shaped crystal glass with long stem (to avoid heating by the hand). Jacopo Poli di Amorosa Dicembre is a great seducer, whether. Digestif, the grand finale of a fixed menu, as a soloist or something fine pastries To prepare lover of December called Jacopo Poli its soft, aromatic grappa Torcolato. Because in December concentrate hung up to dry grapes for the famous dessert wine Torcolato their fine fruit flavors, until the raisin-like dried berries finally pressed and fermented, the sweet essence of the wine. But not only the juice, the grape skins concentrate sweet flavors, parallel gradually lose during the first hard, green tannins in the grape seeds their bitterness. This pomace is now supplied directly from the wine in the Poli distillery, where it is traditionally burned in old copper stills according to the batch method. The term describes the complicated discontinuous method, in which the distillation is stopped after each combustion process in order to replace the used pulp with fresh. The pulp is heated in a copper kettle, the ethanol, the alcohol, rises in the cooling coil condenses and flows as a fire in a sample bell. Here is the whole art and experience of the master distiller is now asked, with great sensitivity the lead and lag (also called head and tail) cuts and preserves only the noble heart of the fire with the finest flavors. The distillate still contains first whopping 75% vol. Alcohol and therefore must by the careful addition of distilled water gradually to a moderate 40% vol. Alcohol be brought. A total of six months can Jacopo Poli Grappa his rest in stainless steel tanks before he fills it finally cools down to -6 ° C and only gently filtered on the precious bottles made of Murano glass.

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