Sambuca Molinari Extra 1L

Molinari (Aguardiente)

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This aguardiente, Sambuca Molinari Extra 1L ($18.63), is made by Molinari with origins in Italy with 40% of alcohol. Drinks&Co users give this Sambuca Molinari Extra 1L 4,5 of 5 points.
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In 1945, in Civitavecchia, Italy, Angelo Molinari created his Sambuca Molinari Extra. For the following fourteen years, his recipe was made only by artisans according to the traditional methods until the drink became so popular all over Italy that manufacturing plants had to be introduced in 1959 and 1964. Sambuca Molinari Extra became an Italian institution, popular with both celebrities and the public.

Sambuca Molinari Extra is a strong, anise-flavoured liqueur. This sweet concoction is made using a secret recipe that the family has not yet and will never reveal. What is known is that the recipe is based on the seeds of the star anise plant and uses sugar, herbs, and spices for additional flavour. The extra in the name of Molinari Sambuca Extra is in reference to the superiority of the sambuca, as it is made with extremely high standards of quality and accuracy.

The most well-known way to enjoy Sambuca Molinari Extra is "con la mosca" by adding an odd number of coffee beans. Pleasant and warm on the palate, this liqueur fills the mouth with the full, delicious flavour of anise. Transparent and crystal clear, it is often enjoyed as a digestive drink after meals or added to coffee, but it can also be enjoyed frozen, on the rocks, or any other way that you would like.

Technical sheet · Sambuca Molinari Extra

Category:Aguardiente (Spirits)
Producer: Molinari
Volume: 100cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Italy

Description · Molinari

Sambuca Molinari Extra 1L

TASTING NOTES OF Sambuca Molinari Extra 1L :

  • Color: Crystal.
  • Flavour: gum, fresh elderberry, anise, black licorice, freshly cut grass, lemon zest.
  • Taste: very clean and fresh, full of anise, with almost calcareous mineral aftertaste notes.

PRODUCER: Sambuca.


DETAILS OF PREPARATION: from steam distillation of star anise seeds.


Molinari as a word that is now synonymous with Sambuca . As the company is such an institution in the world of Sambuca, it seems as though it would have been around for quite a long time. But Molinari was founded in 1945 and did not begin mass production until 1959. Not that it matters. Molinari...

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Highlighted review about Sambuca Molinari Extra 1L

Posted on at 13.04


Sambuca Extra Molinari 1L

Molinari Extra is a sweet liqueur, strong and aromatic, made from a recipe jealously guarded by the Molinari family. A base of star anise seeds, sugar, herbs and spices highly prized quality. The technical procedures for the preparation are very accurate and meet the highest standards of process...
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Posted on at 10.54


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Posted on at 12.53


Vary good product as always. 5star.
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Posted on at 09.52


One note: there is order without VAT should be possible for companies. In the past, it already happened to Uvinum so it could indeed.
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Posted on at 10.51


Love it xxx
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Posted on at 11.29


TASTING NOTES OF Sambuca Molinari 1L:
- Transparent color
- Flavour: pleasant aroma of anise.
- Taste: very mild flavor.

PRODUCER: Molinari
COUNTRY: Sambuca.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: is obtained from...
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Posted on at 05.38


Verschiedene Sambuca Extra 42% Aperitiv / Bitter 1L is very nice

Posted on at 04.16


Crystal Color
Smell gum, fresh elderberry, anise, black licorice, freshly cut grass, lemon zest
very clean and sweet, full of anise flavor almost chalky mineral aftertaste notes.
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Posted on at 12.49


Sambuca Molinari Bianca 1L

The Molinari Sambuca is a sweet and strong liquor made from an infusion of dried seeds of star anise. The name derives from Sambuca "Zammut"
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Posted on at 11.56


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Posted on at 11.18


Sambuca Extra Molinari 1,0L 40,0% Alcohol.
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