Ouzo 12 1L


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Ouzo is a typical spirit drink consumed at weddings and other celebrations in Cyprus and Greece and is made from ripe grapes, alcohol and aniseed. Its origins are believed to date back to the 14th century when the monks of Monte Atos began to make tsipouro, a pomace spirit. A version of this typical eau-de-vie was flavoured with anise and, with time, it would be this drink that gave rise to ouzo.

Among the different divers found in Greece, the Ouzo 12 that we invite you to taste today is number one in the world. Born in 1880 in the Kaloyannis Distillery of the "Barrel Nº12", to which it owes its name, this ouzo maintains to this day the exquisite taste and delicate aroma that made it the Greek leader of this type of drinks. Ouzo 12 1L is produced from a secret blend of herbs, seeds and fruits - including aniseed, fennel seeds and mastic resin - whose aromas are extracted by maceration or distillation. The distillate undergoes a double distillation, carried out by passing the liquid through 16 discontinuous copper stills.

At first sight, ouzo is colourless, however, like wormwood, when mixed with water, it becomes milky. If you want to enjoy it Greek-style or entertain your friends with a Greek version of tapas, the mezes: small trays of fresh fish, chips, olives and feta cheese accompanied by a tasty aniseed glass. You'll see how you become the ideal host.

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Technical sheet

Category:Anise (Spirits)
Producer: Ouzo 12
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 38%
Country: Greece

Description of Ouzo 12 1L

Ouzo 12 1L


  • Color: Ouzo 12 1L is colorless
  • Smell: Fresh and fruity. fiery anise-flavored liqueur made from crushed grape skins and aromatics
  • Taste: Sweet

This ouzo was the result of selected seeds and herbs which were blended harmoniously and which underwent a double distillation process resulting in an exceptional ouzo with a rich flavor and fine aroma



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The Producer

Ouzo 12

Ouzo 12

Ouzo 12 is the bestselling brand of ouzo in the world. The brand was born in Constantinople, Turkey in 1880, moving to Thessaloniki, Greece in 1925. Ouzo 12 has managed to keep to its original recipe throughout the years that have passed since. This traditional ouzo is made using a neutral grape base alcohol which is twice distilled with anise and other specially selected spices. It also has the honour of being the first ouzo ever bottled.

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