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The Bardolino DOC is produced in the Veneto region, within the pre-alpine belt and the Mincio plains, and has a distinct climate which goes from from alpine climate at the highest points to a Mediterranean climate in the plains.

The Bardolino DOC, with vineyards in the hills of the province of Verona, is obtained from grapes such as Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, Molina, Negra, plus Rossignol, Sangiovese and Garganega, although the latter can not exceed 10% in combination.

Wines belonging to the Bardolino DOC are the Classico, from the oldest area, the Chiaretto, with grapes partially processed in white, and the Superior, with an alcohol content that reaches 11.5º and an aging of 1 year. These wines are among the most select wines in the region of Véneto, and are an inspiration for more modest denominations of origin.

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