4 X Brewdog Punk Ipa

Brewdog (Beer)

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The 4 X Brewdog Punk Ipa is a beer made by Brewdog.

Technical sheet · 4 X Brewdog Punk Ipa

Producer: Brewdog
Volume: 33cl

Description · Brewdog

4 X Brewdog Punk Ipa

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:A pack with 4 cans of beer BrewDog Punk IPA.TASTING NOTES:

  • Appearance: pale golden crystalline. dense, white and with a very good retention foam.
  • Aroma: fruity aroma, a touch of syrup, hops evident citrus like orange.
  • Body / Taste: light body, medium carbonation and very drinkable. A citrus flavor with a base of grains, very tasty and refreshing beer.

BREWERY: Brewdog.

COUNTRY: Scotland.

BEER TYPE: India Pale Ale.

ABV: 5.6%


Brewdog was born of discontent that James and Martin, the Brewdog's founders, had with beers that, until 2007, had dominated English market. Thus, they decided that the best way to end this situation was to make their own beer, for which pulled efforts and hard work and credits. Their mission was...

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