Anchor Steam Beer 355ml

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The Anchor Steam Beer 355ml is a/an bitter produced by Anchor Brewing Company native of United States produced with warm fermenting and shows an alcoholic strength of 4.9%. Drinks&Co users give this Anchor Steam Beer 355ml 4 of 5 points.
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Anchor Steam Beer 355ml owes its name to the beer history of the United States. During the nineteenth century the word "steam" was used as a nickname for beer brewed in the American West-Coast in very rudimentary conditions and without ice, which apparently forced the brewers to ferment their beer on the roofs of the houses, in the hope that the cooler night air would cool the fermenting beer.

Because of the contrast of temperature, from the pans rose steam, and hence the beers elaborated there were called "steam", a name registered by Anchor Brewing Company and which can only be applied to the original, true and unmistakable Anchor Steam Beer 355ml .

This has undoubtedly been a true classic of the American brewing tradition since 1896. It is a unique beer that is made from lager yeast fermentation at warmer temperatures in shallow outdoor fermenters with gentle carbonation through a process called kräusening, which consists of reserving (or recovering from a new batch in preparation) part of the unfermented or half fermented must to add to a fully fermented beer before bottling, to add gas in a more natural way.

Technical sheet · Anchor Steam Beer

Producer: Anchor Brewing Company
Volume: 35.5cl
Alcohol Vol.: 4.9%
Fermentation: Warm Fermenting
Type Of Beer: Bitter
Country: United States

Description · Anchor Brewing Company

Anchor Steam Beer 355ml

Like America and you want to discover American beers? Beer Anchor Steam Beer 355ml is for you, it is a lager fermentation at low, designed by the brewer Anchor Brewing Co (USA).


View: This beer has a clear glass in orange dress who wears a head relatively compact white foam and supported by a proper swing.

Nose: The nose offers of malt and fruity aromas along with light tips hopped.

Palate: sweet and malty flavors that are associated with a slight acidity and fruity notes. This then leads to a relatively dry and hoppy finish to the Anchor Brewery beer.

Anchor Brewing Company

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Anchor Steam Beer 355ml

Copper-tone honey, fruity aroma, light, pleasant and easy to drink. deep amber beer with a thick foam crown or cream. lightly carbonated refreshing beer with a clean finish. a classic American beer.
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3.5 /5

I found it superb

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4 /5

Anchor Steam Beer 355ml is wonderful

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4 /5

Like America and you want to find American beer? The Anchor Steam beer is for you, it is a type of beer lager low fermentation, designed by the brewer Anchor Brewing Co (US A). This has beer in the...
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