Barrel Diekirch Premium 6L

Diekrich (Beer)

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The Barrel Diekirch Premium 6L is a/an pilsener brewed by Diekrich native of Germany and shows an alcoholic content of 4%. 4 of 5 points is the average score of this beer according to Drinks&Co users.

Technical sheet · Barrel Diekirch Premium

Producer: Diekrich
Volume: 600cl
Alcohol Vol.: 4%
Type Of Beer: Pilsener
Country: Germany

Description · Diekrich

Barrel Diekirch Premium 6L


  • Color: Fûtdiekirch Premium 6L has a light golden color.
  • Smell: Aroma of sweet and grainy malt.
  • Taste: Mild flavor, light body with carbonation.

ABV: 4.8% Vol.

TYPE OF BEER: Pilsener


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Posted on at 13.18


Fût Diekirch Premium 6L

This recipe gives it since 1871 its uniqueness and its sweet taste with natural flavors with perfectly blanc.NOTE foam head: To successfully get your beer, it was mini requires the use of the device Philips Perfect Draft BEER! SERVED wITH BLONDE bEER PUMP IS MORE FRIENDLY! A beer with finesse!

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Posted on at 12.03

4 /5

Fût Diekirch Premium 6L

Turn your instructions once your Perfect Draft drums 6 Liters completed to receive your instructions in vouchers! See more details on the set back Diekirch Brewery got its city name Luxembourgoise the same name, where it is located. Diekirch Premium beer is the main reference regular Brewery Diekirch. It is a Lager yellow-orange in the glass develops a generous and persistent white foam collar. Everything is crossed by a soft and constant excitement. The nose perceives light malted cereal flavors and a slight acidity and a hoppy tip. On the palate the dominant influence of malts with a certain roundness and virtually absent bitterness that only appears in the final. Diekirch Premium Pilsner Lager is a refreshing and thirst-quenching, to enjoy with the help of a beer machine!

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