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Brasserie la Choulette (Beer)

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Blanche de Cambrai

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This white beer is produced by Brasserie La Choulette in the North, which explains the reference to the town of Cambrai in name, city famous for its Bêtises of Cambrai. It has its origins in Cambrai in the middle of last century. Indeed, a brewer created a light beer, pale and frothy. It was a great success, became famous in the area. Lovers came from afar eat in this beer because, at the time, she could not stand by transport. She fell into oblivion after World War II. It's a beer on lees after dune rigorous selection of special malts and aromatic spices. This mixture then gives it a milky, veiled blond dress, typical of wheat beers, accompanied by a slight and imposing white foam. In terms of flavor, we find very fruity scents with citrus aromas, apple, spice and yeast. In the mouth, this slightly bitter wheat beer offers us grassy notes, floral and slightly fruity, making it a very refreshing beer.

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