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The bitter Brugge Tripel ($2.42) is made by Palm from Belgium brewed with warm fermenting and shows an alcoholic content of 8.7%. Drinks&Co users reviewed tihs beer with 4 of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Brugge Tripel

Producer: Palm
Volume: 33cl
Alcohol Vol.: 8.7%
Fermentation: Warm Fermenting
Type Of Beer: Bitter
Country: Belgium

Description · Palm

Brugge Tripel


  • Appearance: Golden and frothy. Large bubbles.
  • Aroma: Fruity composed of caramel and malt.
  • Body / Taste: Nice Taste of Honey.



ABV: 8.7% Vol


The history of PALM Breweries goes back to 1686. At that time Theodoor Cornet, estate manager of Diepensteyn Castle, was the proprietor of an inn opposite the church in Steenhuffel. He brewed beer and distilled jenever there for his guests, also brewing a heavier “Counts’ beer” for the Lords of...

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Highlighted review about Brugge Tripel

Posted on at 04.44


Brugge Tripel

The city of Bruges beer Brugge Tripel is bittersweet and strong taste. The herbal mixture Gruut enriches its flavor and aroma. It was required at that time to use gruut and buy this at the urban house seasoning. (The Gruuthuse)

More reviews about Brugge Tripel

Posted on at 21.11

4 /5

- Color: Brugge Triple has a very active gold color with lots of carbs and fluffy white head, small assemblage points.
- Smell: Aromas of sweet grain, a bit like the Belgian, there is a hint of corn.
- Taste: The taste is fresh, sweet corn, bitter.

ABV: 8.7% Vol

Posted on at 06.15

3.5 /5

I found it enjoyable

Posted on at 17.04

4 /5

Brugge Triple

Belgium Brewery Palm Belgian beer with a blonde dress orang & eacute e, a fine white foam and a good amplitude in the mouth.
Capacity: 33cl
Origin: Belgium
 The Palm brewery is a brewery located in the province of Flemish Brabant in Belgium, in the commune of Steenhuffel. The official name is Palm Breweries. The brewery is known primarily for the production of the Palm. The brewery will be completely destroyed during the First World War. Arthur Van Roy rebuild and expand the immediately. He believes the success of its traditional high fermentation beer, even beyond the village borders. In 1929 he renamed his beer in Steenhuffel Palm Speciale. Special because of special Belgian and Palm because of the victory of top-fermented beer to the ever-popular pilsner. Brugge Triple is a beer blond orange dress topped with a very fine white foam. It reveals a good amplitude in the mouth dominated by malt and ends with a nice hoppy bitterness.

Posted on at 05.13

4 /5

Cerveza Brugge Triple

Brugge Tripel Is an amber beer of high fermentation with a respectable volume of alcohol and re-fermentation in the bottle. It has a malt flavor and a soft aromatic malt flavor.

Posted on at 16.02

4 /5

Brugge Triple

The triple Brugge is an amber beer originated in the old town of Bruges in Belgium, which was long a stronghold of the Belgian beer and today retains a large brewing heritage. . Brugge The triple is a beer that is aging in barrels before bottling, which ensures enhanced eating quality and safe notes. This amber blond high fermentation has a fruity nose which is accompanied by notes of caramel and malt. In the mouth, it develops a pleasant taste of honey. It is advisable to relish in a high glass.

Posted on at 05.36

4 /5

Belgian triple fermentation beer of 8.7%, malt, great quality and a refined finishing touch of hops at the level of the best beers in the country. Beer. This is a beer aged in barrels before bottling. Amber hue, dense foam, fruity with second fermentation in the bottle. Very aromatic. Amber has high fermentation lagers and a fruity nose of caramel and malt made. The palate develops a nice honey flavor.

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