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Buxton (Beer)

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Buxton Special Pale Ale

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The brewery Buxton is a brewery located in Buxton in the UK and who voluntarily brews a range of natural beer, unfiltered, not pasteurized. Currently considered the rising brewery across the Channel, beer brewery stand out for their smoothness and the quality of their hopping. The Buxton SPA brewed 4. 1, is a lager Pale Ale type. Golden blond color, the nose strongly emphasizes citrus, especially lemon and grapefruit. The mouth, in addition to being malted, is surprisingly fruity flavors of citrus. Air, the taste pallet opens the quotes on spices and citrus fruits to reach a final dune with nice bitterness. Here is a beer that surprised by its roundness and aromatic power despite its 4, 1%. Lovers of more hoppy beers them find their happiness with Axe Edge, another classic of the brewery.

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