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Cervoise Lancelot

330ml Volume

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Technical sheet

Producer: Lancelot
Volume: 33cl
Alcohol Vol.: 6%
Type Of Beer: Craft
Country: France
The Cervoise Lancelot is a/an craft brewed by Lancelot native of France and comes with an alcohol content of 6%. Drinks&Co users give this Cervoise Lancelot 4 of 5 points.

Elaboration of Cervoise Lancelot

Cervoise Lancelot

TASTING NOTES OF Cervoise Lancelot:

  • Appearance: amber
  • Aroma: Aroma shy tropical fruit and roasted malts
  • Body / Taste: Malta, vanilla, slightly hops with a hint of fruit. soft palate

BREWERY: Lancelot

Country: France

ABV: 7%

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4 /5

France Brasserie Lancelot Beer amber & eacute e native of r & eacute region Brittany, m & eacute silver medal in the competition g & eacute n é ral farming in Paris in 2007.
Capacity: 33cl
Level: 6 °
Origin: France
 The Cervoise Lancelot is a Breton beer designed by Brasserie Lancelot located in Brittany between Vannes and Rennes (56 - Le Roc Saint André). This amber beer with the ivory foam is produced from malted barley, it is flavored with seven plants and a little honey, giving it a unique flavor. On the palate, we find the fruity and spicy, herbaceous touches and a slight bitterness. The Cervoise Lancelot received the Silver Medal at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2007.
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4 /5

The Cervoise Lancelot is a traditional drink Gallic, unfiltered and unpasteurized, 6% of alcohol. . But first, you know the difference between a beer and ale? At the time of the Celts, hops was not a plant known and used to flavor the drink. At the time, they used other plants less strong flavors, such sage. The discovery of aromatic and conservative virtues of hops will cause the gradual disappearance of other herbs in recipes of beers. These new hoppy beverages will take the name of beer are what we drink today. Older, less known, the Cervoises are based drinks fermented cereal but do not contain aromatic hops! Produced from barley malt, ale that Lancelot is flavored with seven plants and honey that give it a unique flavor. The Cervoise Lancelot present in the glass a red dress amber crossed by a lively effervescence. This effervescence allows fruity and herbal aromas coming intrigue nostrils by their atypical and indefinable look. The set appears however honeyed and spicy enough. In the mouth, it appears sweet and floral with fruity and spicy notes, herbaceous touches and slightly bitter. The Cervoise Lancelot received the Silver Medal at the 2007 Concours Général Agricole.
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