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Abbaye de Chimay (Beer)

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Chimay Rouge

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Chimay Red is a beautiful amber beer. Brewed by Cistercian Abbey monks Scourmont is a Trappist beer. This means among other things that it is produced inside the same monastery by the monks themselves. For the anecdote, is the oldest of Chimay produced since the recipe was developed by Father Theodore after the Second World War. The result is dazzling. In his Chimay glass, it has the appearance of an amber beer with red copper highlights overlooked by a firm, creamy foam. The nose is also beautiful. They include fruit flavors developed during fermentation such as apricots. Malty notes are also noticeable. The mouth is surprising: The dry caramel flavors well balanced by the pretty bitter finish. A very nice beer so. Finally, note that this Belgian beer Marira well with Trappist abbey cheeses.

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