Ch'Ti Blonde 75cl review

Brasserie Castelain (Beer)

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Ch'Ti Blonde 75cl

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Flagship of the range of lager beer Ch'ii, the blonde Ch'ii was the first beer brewed by Brasserie Castelain the Family! Founded in 1979, this beer has quickly established itself as a reference in the North of France suffered a guard period of 6 weeks before bottling! This will allow him to refine his attributes before its big release in your glass, where she appears dressed in an elegant orange yellow dress! She then offers the nose for flavors and very significant that swing between the influence of malts and hops. The set is flowery and sweet. We find this oscillation between malt and hops in a mouth to the bittersweet and where each ingredient is expressed wisely. Beautiful flavors both floral and honeyed accompany frank bitterness but not too pronounced. In order to enjoy all the flavors of this Ch'ii Blonde, it must be kept refrigerated and consumed at a temperature of 6 ° C +/- in its pre-rinsed glass and not wiped. The Ch'ii Blonde received the silver medal in the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2006, 2008 and 2009 and was recognized Flavour of the Year 2005 in the category of specialty beers!

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