Coffret Mont Blanc 75cl review

Brasserie Du Mont Blanc (Beer)

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Coffret Mont Blanc 75cl

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Let yourself be enchanted by this set of Brasserie du Mont Blanc medalists beers at the Concours Général Agricole. This gift set includes 2 75cl bottles: the Blonde du Mont Blanc and the White Mont Blanc. The Blonde is a pure malt beer, high fermentation, re-fermented in the bottle, brewed with hops and two made from water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc. White is inspired wheat beers that are found in Belgium. Brewed with barley malt and wheat which gives the fruity flavor, it is also a high fermentation beer with coriander notes and Curacao orange peels. Let us not forget the glass of the Mont Blanc 50 cl container that will be ideal for enjoying these exceptional beers.

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