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Daas Blond

330ml Volume

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Technical sheet

Producer: Brasserie Daas
Volume: 33cl
Alcohol Vol.: 6%
Type Of Beer: Golden Beer
Country: Belgium
The Daas Blond is a/an golden beer made by Brasserie Daas with its origins in Belgium and has an alcoholic strength of 6%. Drinks&Co users rate this beer with 4 out of 5 points.

Elaboration of Daas Blond

Daas Blond


  • Appearance: clear, golden, with a thick foam
  • Aroma: honey
  • Taste: bitter with a dry finish, resembling wheat cervecas

BREWERY: Brasserie 1096 Originale

COUNTRY: Belgium

TYPE OF BEER: Golden beer

ABV: 6.5% vol.

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4 /5

GLUTEN certified beer. an advanced process of eliminating gluten that keeps all the flavors of beer is used intact.
Authentic Belgian Strong Golden beer, of organic origin, with a second fermentation in the bottle.
Light golden color. Aroma honey, caramel and spices. On the palate notes of coriander and fresh lemon, with a dry finish slightly bitter hop classic.
The range of Premium beers Daas are handmade and organic beers made with Belgian traditional methods for more than 900 years ago.
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4 /5

Daas blonde is the real Belgian Strong Golden Beer. The honey aroma is in perfect equilibrium with the bitter flavour and classic dry end characteristic from hop. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, where through a natural process it will get matured and carbonated.

Daas Blond is a certified beer without gluten. An advanced process of gluten elimination that maintains all beer flavours intact.

Its elaboration is based in organic Barley malt, originating a beer alive in light golden colour with a thick foam. It has an attractive caramel and honey aroma that contrasts with a light spicy aroma. In taste, it is a beer with similar qualities as wheat beers, refreshing and with a slightly dry and bitter touch from hop.

It is the perfect accompaniment for spicy plates. As an appetite is ideal and due to its bitter flavour combines very good with Indian and Vietnamese food, especially with Thai style spicy chicken.
Proof: 6.5º
Recommended cup: Tulip shaped cup.
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Daas Blonde

4 /5

It is an authentic Belgian Strong Golden beer, Ale type of organic origin. Scented honey, perfectly balanced with the bitterness and dry finish characteristic hop classic. Seguna fermentation in the bottle which is achieved naturally mature and carbonating the beer. He is a certified GLUTEN beer. An advanced process of eliminating gluten keeps all the flavors of the beer used intact. It is the perfect accompaniment for spicy dishes like Indian food, especially Vietnamese and Thai style spicy chicken.
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Daas Blonde