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De Dolle Brouwers (Beer)

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De Dolle Oerbier

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The Oerbier is a strong ale brewed by the brewery De Dolle Belgium. The brewery, founded in 1835, saw spent no less than three generations of brewers before it closed in 1980. Today income on beer market headed a new brewer, it revives the life, activities and traditions . This brewer, passionate about his work, also entreprie historical research on the Belgian breweries since 1900, tradition this is the tradition! Oerbier means original (meaning "from the source"). His recipe was developed by two brothers, while students at the time. Brewed with six different malts, floral hops and Poperinge Golding in particular bitterness, Oerbier offers tasting subtle notes of figs, prunes, brown sugar, plums and Belgian yeast characteristics. On the nose, you will find the same true notes. Ultimately, this is a very complex beer with a dark amber color, a product popular with beer lovers. Nose with toasted malt erable sugar, brown sugar. Toffee (same as tasting)

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