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Desperados is one of the most popular beers among the younger generation. It is a light, tequila-flavoured **beer with refreshing citrus notes on a bitterish aftertaste. Its recipe includes water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

Despite its Spanish name, the Desperados comes from France and is produced by the Brasserie Fischer group, owned by Heineken. Its commercialization began in Brussels in 1995. But why Desperados? Well, legend has it, that the brewers could not find a name for their new beer to the point of being 'desperate'!

This Lager with tequila beer is ideal to accompany meals with exotic tastes, such as Mexican dishes, sushi and sashimi with wasabi and light wok. The bitterish taste, in fact, manages to dampen the taste of spicy foods. Try it with a slice of lemon.

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Technical sheet

Producer: Heineken
Volume: 33cl
Alcohol Vol.: 5.9%
Fermentation: Cool Fermenting
Type Of Beer: Lager
Country: France

Description of Desperados



  • Appearance: Golden yellow, translucent; white, compact and long-lasting foam.
  • Aroma: Tequila aroma, with touches of citrus and corn.
  • Body / Flavor: Slightly bitter, with sweet and refreshing notes of tequila and lemon; final notes of hops.

BREWERY: Heineken


FERMENTATION TYPE: Cool fermenting

BEER TYPE: This is a Lager Beer to which tequila aromas are added.

PAIRINGS: Mexican cuisine, spicy dishes, sushi, wok.

SUGGESTIONS: It is recommended to drink it accompanied by a slice of lemon.

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The Brand



Existing since 1864, Heineken is one of the largest beer producer in the world. Every year, it is estimated that over 200 million litres of beer are produced, sold under more than 250 different brands.

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El simple diseño de la botella ya augura un disfrute de la misma, un aroma refrescante, un color dorado insuperable... Y el sabor... Servida con una rodaja de limón en la boca de la botella, hace de esta cerveza una experiencia inolvidable, disfrutando cada trago como si fuese el último. ¿Cómo disfrutarla aún mas? Después de un largo día de trabajo, sediento y pegando un buen trago de esta. ¡Ojo con bebérsela de un trago!
Una de las mejores.
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4 /5

- A taste of liberty!
- Trendy Tequila Flavoured strong Lager actually brewed in France.
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Desperados French Tequila Flavoured Lager

4 /5

De meeste van ons zullen het misschien niet direct verwachten maar Desperados komt uit Frankrijk en wordt daar nog steeds gebrouwen. Dit lager bier heeft een toevoeging van tequilla-aroma gekregen en
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4 /5

The Desperados is my favorite beer, by far !
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