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Duchesse de Bourgogne 250ml


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Who is this young lady on the bottle label of Duchesse de Bourgogne 250ml that's looking bemused into the bird's eyes, just as in her fantasy she would be flying away with her feathered friend? The answer is, it's Maria from Burgundy, wife of Maximilian von Habsburg, the Roman-German emperor and "Last knight". The warm-fermented, West-Flemish red ale made by Brouwerij Verhaeghe perfectly reflects the young princess's power and reason. She spoke several languages, had a great comprehension of music and was a perfect rider and hunter. But this last talent became her doom when she once fell from her horse and died of the consequences of a miscarriage. The beers' complexity and nostalgy as well as the perfect combination of sweet vinegar and sour cherries express this woman's great personality, who made history. Try the Duchesse de Bourgogne 250ml and take a spiritual journey with her.

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Technical sheet

Producer: Brouwerij Verhaeghe
Volume: 25cl
Alcohol Vol.: 6,2%
Fermentation: Warm Fermenting
Type Of Beer: Old Ale
Country: Belgium

Description of Duchesse de Bourgogne 250ml

Duchesse de Bourgogne 250ml


  • Appearance: Dark red ruby.
  • Aroma: Fruity, hints of chocolate.
  • Body / Taste: A fresh fruit and a pleasant bitter taste of oak.



ABV: 6.2% Vol

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How to serve

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Also good flamish for those approaching the world of spontaneously fermented beers
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Duchesse de Bourgogne 250ml

5 /5

My favorite beer of all!

A dark beer, the robe that goes from black and amber, which is mesmerizing and drinks without thirst. Rich, complex, combining fruit and a slight bitterness tempered by his taste so delicious vinegary and more or less pronounced depending on the bottles. A much more reasonable than the Belgian average alcohol level and propensity to leave the dry palate of unpleasant smells, can appreciate many Duchesses without regret afterwards.
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4 /5

Duchesse de Bourgogne is a reddish-brown beer that after the first fermentation months maturing in oak barrels. The time getting the beer to develop vision creates a full and uitgebalanceer
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5 /5

I could not believe that this could have a beer flavor.
Sweet and fruity at the start, to leave us with a slightly bitter taste. Very fan!
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Duchesse de Bourgogne 250ml es una de mis cervezas favoritas

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