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De Dochter Van de Korenaar (Beer)

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Embrasse 66cl

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Belgium De Dochter Van Korenaar The Kiss & eacute beer is amazing, it can be aged before being dé gust & eacute e.
Capacity: 33cl
Level: 9 °
Origin: Belgium
 After several years of hard work, the traditional brewery Dochter van Korenaar (in French Daughter of the ear of corn) was born. The brewery produces small scale in Baarle region in Belgium and promotes a modern approach. Anecdotally, it would seem that in 1550, Charles V would have preferred the juice of the daughter of wheat rather than the blood of grapes, that is to say that he preferred beer to wine. Kiss the beer is amazing, it is halfway between a stout English and a Trappist beer. This beer has a seductive brown color with reddish hues with a slightly colored foam. On the nose, there are both notes of roasted malt, coffee and candied fruit. The palate is complex, it blends notes of candied fruit with toasted accents. This beer can be aged before being eaten.

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