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Spaten-Franziskaner (Beer)

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Fût Franziskaner Weissbier 6L

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Turn your instructions once your Perfectdraft beer kegs completed to receive your instructions in vouchers! See more details on the set-back The Franziskaner Weissbier beer is a type of beer "Weissbier", ie a beer brewed with malt made at least 50% wheat. This is the case of Franziskaner which is brewed for its share with 75% of wheats (another name for wheat) and 25% malted barley. So Blonde wheat beer, which is also one of the most common examples of style and enjoys a reputation far beyond the German borders native. Franziskaner Weissbier This develops in the glass a stunning blond with pink highlights. Its foam is generous, persistent and crossed by a considerable effervescence. It presents the nose typical aromas of a good Weissbier with fruity smells very pronounced citrus and banana ester which are accompanied by spicy aromas of pepper and yeast. In the mouth, we discover a taste structure similar to the olfactory structure with blunt fruit flavors and a clear dominance of bananas. The spicy feel so very clear with peppery notes followed by clove and vanilla flavor keys. Ultimately, the Franziskaner beer is an exceptional, extremely refreshing and is a reference in style wheat beers. Note that wheat beers can take multiple very similar name such as Weizen, Hefeweizen, Weissbier, Kristalweiss. . . The name of the Franziskaner beer comes from the monastery situated in front of the brewery. A beer tasting ideally pressure with a beer pump!

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