Barrel Hasseröder 6L

Hasseröder (Beer)

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The pilsener Barrel Hasseröder 6L is made by Hasseröder from Germany and shows an alcoholic strength of 4%. According to Drinks&Co users, the Barrel Hasseröder 6L deserves an evaluation of 4 of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Barrel Hasseröder

Producer: Hasseröder
Volume: 600cl
Alcohol Vol.: 4%
Type Of Beer: Pilsener
Country: Germany

Description · Hasseröder

Barrel Hasseröder 6L


  • Appearance: Fût Hasseröder 6L presents a classic golden yellow color and a relatively thin white foam head
  • Aroma: herbaceous hop aroma and notes of malt and straw.
  • Body / Taste: On the palate, soft and light tanks are classic flavors of Western European Pils malt with notes and still taste like straw. These are accompanied here by hop flavors showing good presence and mark the end of the mouth with a pronounced bitterness, but not dominant.

TYPE OF BEER: Pilsener


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Saveur Bière

Posted on at 12.03


Fût Hasseröder 6L

The price of the barrel includes 5 set. Turn your instructions once your drums completed to receive your instructions in vouchers! See more details on the set-back The Hasseröder Pils beer is a style of beer brewed in Germany. It has its origins in the Harz region, where the Hasseröder brewery was established since 1872. However, it has very quickly conquered all of Germany through its relationship as a sponsor, with many motor sports. The Hasseröder Pils stands out of the range of Perfect Draft beer barrels by a stronger hop presence. Indeed, it has a classic dress with a golden yellow and a relatively thin white foam head that lets out herbal aromas of hops and malted notes of straw. On the palate, we find sweet flavors and slight Pils which are classics of western Europe with malty notes and still straw taste. They are accompanied here hoppy flavors that display a good presence and mark the finish by a pronounced bitterness but not dominant. It is advisable to serve between 8 and 10 ° C for a thorough tasting. Was used only with a beer engine.

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Emelinda Flores

Posted on at 05.28

4 /5

Barrel Hasseröder 6L is savory

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