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Barrel Lowenbräu 6L

6L Volume

$41.61 (Approximate price)

Technical sheet

Producer: Löwenbräu
Volume: 600cl
Alcohol Vol.: 5%
Fermentation: Cool Fermenting
Type Of Beer: Pilsener
Country: Germany
The Barrel Lowenbräu 6L is a/an pilsener made by Löwenbräu from Germany produced with cool fermenting and presents an alcohol content of 5%. At Drinks&Co, users evaluate the Barrel Lowenbräu 6L with an average score of 4 points out of 5.

Elaboration of Barrel Lowenbräu 6L

Barrel Lowenbräu 6L


  • Color: Löwenbräu Original Barrel 6L is blonde. From yellow-gold cxolor


  • Mouth: has a mild flavor

STYLE : a lager

PRODUCER : Löwenbräu

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4 /5

The price of the barrel includes 5 setpoint. Turn your instructions once your beer barrels 6L Perfect Draft completed to receive your instructions in vouchers! See more details on the set back Löwenbräu beer is a beer brewing with a long history which is in the purest style Munich. This beer whose name means "lion brew", has been brewed for the first time in 1383 in an inn called Zum Löwen Bavaria ("In the Lion"). Today is one of the 6 beers served during the traditional Oktoberfest, the beer festival which attracts several million people in the capital of Southern Germany. Brewed with wheat, the Lowenbrau ale yeast, spring barley and hops Jallertau the Lowenbrau beer is displayed in a glass of clear yellow color and is covered with a fine creamy foam and persistent. It develops in the nose a nice grassy and sweet aromatic bouquet with a good balance between malt and hops. In the mouth, there is a very refreshing beer that goes well with hot summer days as friendly meals. The Löwenbräu offers the palate flavors of herbaceous hops, which brings a nice bitter tasting and malty flavors are followed by back palate, coming soften and round up a well-balanced beer. Lowenbrau is a still tasted better pressure, only with a beer engine.
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Fût Lowenbräu 6L

4 /5

Although the same method of production in Germany, the taste was different from the original beer was used. The factory began exporting its beer and to distinguish it from the Löwenbräu Miller, was launched under the name of Löwenbräu Original. Löwenbräu in Spanish means "Lion Brewery". Ideal for drinking on hot days beer! It is a pale lager, yellow-gold color and smooth taste
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Barril Löwenbräu Original 6L