Barrel Page 24 Res. Hildegarde Blonde 5L review

Brasserie Saint Germain (Beer)

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Fût Page 24 Res. Hildegarde Blonde 5L

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Page 24 Hildegarde Blonde reserve is a traditional lager beer brewed by the young Brasserie Saint Germain, in the Pas-de-Calais. Produced since 2005, it quickly known a scale success and just a year after its release, it was Gold medalist at the Concours Général Agricole 2006 Paris Agriculture Show. It will happen again elsewhere in 2007 and 2008 (bronze) in 2009 (Gold), and 2011 (Silver) in the category of high fermentation blond! Much evidence that demonstrate the great qualities of this craft beer and the tireless work carried out by two brewers passionate about their craft brewers that are the masters of Pages 24 beers! For its production, the brewery uses hops from Flanders and malted barley in the region, which earned him the label of being certified "Saveur en'Or" that guarantees and promotes the regional origin of raw materials and Finished products. Page 24 Hildegarde Blonde Reserve offers a pretty troubled slightly yellow color and aromatic hop nose ornate and very nice. Hops deliver their fruit flavors while the roundness of all malts coat. Bitterness then appears and settles in the mouth. lager beer, strong enough, she will accompany your appetizers and invite to your table around regional dishes. Warning: This product is a barrel of 5 liters Standard that do not have integrated tap. Beer can not only take that with a beer printer with the opening on top of the barrel. However, the reserve was Page 24 Hildegarde Blonde for use with machine is also sold on our website, to access click on the following link: Barrel 5 liters Standard SPI - Page 24 Réserve Hildegarde Blonde

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