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Grimbergen Triple

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Grimbergen Triple is a Belgian beer brewed by the Maes Breweries, in partnership with the Abbey of Grimbergen in the north of Brussels. It is a so-called Abbey which is brewed in high fermentation beer and has a secondary fermentation in the bottle by adding yeast and candy sugar during bottling. This Grimbergen Triple offers a nice view deep yellow color. Very bodied beer, it gives off aromas of malt with very sweet notes and citrus aromas and fruit. On the palate, it is characterized by a malty, complex spices and fresh hops. Round, she spreads a frank bitterness underscored by hints of honey and vanilla on the finish. Burns but is not consumed Such and the motto of the Grimbergen Abbey founded in 1128 in a small village in the north of Brussels. She was repeatedly burned but rebuilt each time, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Consume with winter dishes, and in her glass 33 cl or 50 cl.

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