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Isaac Baladin

Baladin (Beer)

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The Italian craft beer, Isaac Baladin , attracts the beer enthusiast with its colour like a mosquito drawn to the light. But consequently, its spicey aromas of coriander and peeled oranges as well as its refreshing taste and light body won't disappoint you. They say, you can also pair it great with mozarella.

Technical sheet · Isaac Baladin

Producer: Baladin
Volume: 33cl
Pairing: Vegetable mealsFish
Alcohol Vol.: 5%
Type Of Beer: Craft
Country: Italy
Consumption Temp.: 8-10ºC

Description · Baladin

Isaac Baladin


  • Appearance: Isaac Baladin is intentionally murky amber clear with white foam, thick medium term.
  • Aroma: The aroma are apricot, yeast and citrus typical of this style such as coriander and orange.
  • Body / Flavour: The taste is balanced, fruity with notes of apricot, pear and citrus aroma with light and refreshing finish.

BREWERY: Baladin


TYPE OF FERMENTATION: high fermentation.



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Highlighted review about Isaac Baladin

Maitre Georges

Posted on at 13.18


Isaac Baladin

A White Italian!

More reviews about Isaac Baladin

Laureen Thomas

Posted on at 12.42

4 /5

TASTING NOTES: Baladin Isaac Blanche
- Appearance: Creamy head, apricot color and cloudy
- Aroma: Citrus, spicy aromas of coriander and orange zest, hints of herbs
- Body / Flavor: Refreshing, light, subtle notes of honey and pear, discrete bitterness.

BREWERY: Baladin

FERMENTATION TYPE: Cool fermenting
BEER TYPE: Wheat beer

ABV: 5% Vol.
Colette Torres

Posted on at 05.33

3 /5

Isaac Baladin is amazing

Saveur Bière

Posted on at 05.04

4 /5

The Isaac Baladin is a white wheat beer flavored with spices, according to own brewing traditions Belgian white beers. It is produced by the brewery Baladin, located in the extreme north west of Italy, on the border with the French Alps. The Baladin brewery exists since 1986 and attempts, through its productions and events it offers within its institutions, to convey a positive mindset and push to the cultural enrichment! In the glass, this Isaac Baladin surprises with its foam that appears as quickly as it disappears and leaves no trace of his passage on the walls. This translates into a very sharp effervescence service but dulls quickly. This layer of foam to cover just a beer in the dress of a very cloudy blond pulling the milky white because crossed by a multitude of yeast particles pending. It presents the nose very pleasant aromas and the spring freshness. Herbaceous hop scents accompany fruity smells of pears, fresh almonds and marzipan. Floral and honeyed flavors are perceptible while coriander is also clear. On the palate, we find a light, bland product of a very light and quite silky on the palate. A subtle bitterness accompanies fresh fruity notes of citrus and pear, a floral touch and spicy flavors of coriander and corn.

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