Leffe Blonde Barrel 6L

Leffe (Beer)

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The abbey Leffe Blonde Barrel 6L is brewed by Leffe with its origins in Belgium and has an alcoholic content of 6%. According to Drinks&Co users, this beer earns 4 out of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Leffe Blonde Barrel

Producer: Leffe
Volume: 600cl
Alcohol Vol.: 6%
Type Of Beer: Abbey
Country: Belgium

Description · Leffe

Leffe Blonde Barrel 6L


  • Color: Leffe Blonde Barrel 6L is lager Abbey
  • Mouth: Composed of aromatic malts give it a very light flavor and color gold, with lots of foam and a lot of gas . He drinks easily , not at all bitter on the palate. You are looking at a beer great, you will conquer the palate.


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Leffe, a brewing tradition since 1240: Founded in 1152, Notre-Dame de Leffe was an abbey of Premonstratensian canons, i.e. monks living in a community characterised by its hospitality. Pilgrims were always welcome at Leffe and in 1420 the canons decided to build a brewery for the preparation of a...

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Highlighted review about Leffe Blonde Barrel 6L

Posted on at 05.21


Leffe Blonde Baril 6L

Its strengths are a harmonious blend of flavors and balance. Delicately malty, it develops a sweet bitterness that ends on a key clove, anise and apple acidulée.Leffe Blonde appreciates all times of the day and especially as an aperitif. She subtly accord with charcuterie, salads and cheeses such as the county or beaufort.NOTE: To successfully get your beer, it was mini requires the use of the device Philips Perfect Draft BEER! AMBREE SERVED WITH BEER PUMP IS MORE NICE.! A classic! To pump beer

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Posted on at 21.13

4 /5

Leffe Blonde Barril 6L

We could drink the tap tasted great, but I think it is necessary to have a drink dispenser with a minimum of guarantees. So far, all the barrels that had purchased not needed. If you indicate on the Web, will help people to decide their choice with more success. If not, it is that the barrel was not right. We managed to get a couple of glasses well, and then was leaking and we scratch another half dozen. Shame. . . Uvinum not blame, but my lack of experience, but if they had informed better, my decision would have been different.

Posted on at 19.24

4 /5

- Color: Leffe Blonde 6L has a golden yellow.
- Smell: Aromas of yeast, malt, spices and a touch of orange.
- Taste: slightly spicy flavor.

ABV: 6.6% Vol.

Posted on at 11.40

4 /5

- Appearance: Leffe Blonde Baril 6L shows a golden yellow
- Aroma: Pretty typical aroma with some sweet banana foam, yeasty notes and some candy.
- Body / Taste: Aromatic with a fruity touch. Lightly spiced


Posted on at 11.48

4 /5

Leffe Blonde Baril 6L

The drums are designed to best preserve the freshness and flavor of your favorite beer.
After opening the beer was canned 28 days.
 Leffe Blonde Beer is a type of beer Abbey high fermentation, designed by the brewer in St Guibert (Belgium).
 Leffe Abbey beer is golden blonde and crystal with abundant and dense foam. She has a sweet nose of alcohol and quite powerful but lacks finesse. Its sweet flavor is slightly spicy and malty well. Its roundness is characteristic and holds well in mouth. It is a moderately bitter beer. It is nice and recognized by all, but lack of character for an abbey.
 Leffe Blonde is eaten at any time of the day will be the best ally of your daily cooking and grant the perfect aperitif.

Posted on at 12.03

4 /5

Fût Leffe Blonde 6L

Turn your instructions once your Perfectdraft beer kegs completed to receive your instructions in vouchers! See more details on the set back Blonde Leffe is a Belgian abbey beer to recognized character and very solid reputation. She was able to convince and establish itself as a reference of beer over the centuries and now sells around the world. It is brewed by the abbey of Leffe since 1240 and has had many opportunities to make his weapons! Leffe Blonde in the glass reveals a beautiful dress of a coppery blond wearing a creamy foam and continued to firm in the glass. It develops a nice moderate but lasting effervescence. Glass escapes powerful malty aromas of grain and corn as well as hints of banana and clove. In the mouth, it has a rounded malty caramel accompanied by fruity flavors and a spicy tip attachable to yeast. A metal key is also perceptible and precedes the arrival of hops. This in turn is driven by the alcohol that is growing in the finish. Leffe Blonde sapprécie at all times of day and particularly appetizer. Savour Leffe Blonde Leffe glass chalice in its 25 cl. Was imperative to use with a beer machine.

Posted on at 12.35

4 /5

Barril Leffe Blonde 6L

 It is the Belgian abbey beer par excellence. It consists of aromatic malts that give it a light flavor and golden color, with lots of foam and much gas. Easily baby, not at all bitter to the taste. You are at a very good beer, you will conquer the palate.

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