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Mikkeller (Beer)

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Mikkeller Årh Hvad

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Belgian inspiration, the Arh Hvad Mikkeller is brewed. It is possible to translate the name of this beer with "Oh What" in French. But this beer is primarily a tribute to lOrval, and by extension to Brettanomyces yeast used in the design of the latter. Therefore not surprising to find a mid way between Pale Ale Belgian beer and spontaneous fermentation beer. Visually, this offers an amber beer color with orange reflections magnificent dune saccompagnant although persistent white foam. The nose on a beautiful complex evidence, notes from mango, peach, caramel but Brett. Is the mouth foremost dominated by these same aspects Brett yeast. Then gradually appear caramel and exotic fruits. The end appears hopped while offering a relatively subdued bitterness! With Arh Hvad the Mikkeller brewery sest not content to propose a simple clone Dorval but rather an innovative beer, playing heavily on the use of Brettanomyces yeast. Great art.

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