Mikkeller Recipe 1000 Ba Chardonnay 375ml review

Mikkeller (Beer)

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Mikkeller Recipe 1000 Ba Chardonnay 375ml

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The Danish brewery Mikkeller still designed and devised a very special beer, which promises to be rich and complex flavors. Indeed, BA Recipe # 1000 Chardonnay is an amber beer in a Belgian Dark Ale style, which has been aged for 1000 days in barrels of Chardonnay. In the glass, it is adorned with a cover gown and dark orange, almost brown, accompanied by a sparkling white head. On the nose, it reveals distinctive white wine with aromas of oak, a hint of caramel, straw and alcohol. On the palate, it develops slightly vinous flavors and acids that can remind chardonnay. There are also raisin, vanilla, caramel and yeast. The finish highlights the wooded side, vinous and sour. A Belgian Dark Ale well done from Mikkeller.

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