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North Coast Old Rasputin 355ml

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Old Rasputin is a type of beer Imperial Russian Stout brewed by North Coast Brewing Company in the United States. This beer recognized worldwide beer won many competitions like the World Beer Championships in Chicago (2014, 2006, 2005, 2004), the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival (2012, 2006) and much much more. As many awards that show how this Old Rasputin is fabulous. Visually it is characterized by a beautiful opaque black dress topped by a huge dense and creamy brown head, similar to a cappuccino foam. On the nose, it is charged black coffee and chocolate flavors, some toasty caramel and roasted. On the palate, the flavor is very sweet initially before the more complex strikes with dark chocolate notes of coffee and licorice. Sen follows more power with notes of roasted malt, bitter chocolate, wood, roasted and coffee nicely weighted hops. A fantastic all beer lovers Imperial Stout should try at least once!

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