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Old Numbskull 75cl

75cl Volume

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"Old Numbskull" 75cl, is a Barley Wine that has been inspired by the mythical English beers and with a unique strength has crossed the waters and is produced in Chicago. It is a beer that is a lover of time, in many ways, first because it cannot be drunk in a gulp, it needs to be savoured calmly, slowly. Secondly, because its ias a beer that ages well, if and when the right place and appropriate conditions are available. Sweet with a touch of delicious bitterness, it is an ideal beer to accompany a meal, be it with grilled meats stuffed meats, pasta or cheese. Delicious!

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Technical sheet

Producer: Alesmith
Volume: 75cl
Alcohol Vol.: 11%
Type Of Beer: Barley Wine
Country: United States

Elaboration of Old Numbskull 75cl

Old Numbskull 75cl


  • Appearance: Old Numbskull 75cl is red amber color, creamy foam
  • Aroma: It has an aroma with notes of caramel, exotic fruits and similar to those of a good whiskey vanilla.
  • Body / Flavor: Boca very hoppy, nice sweetness

TYPE OF BEER: Barleywine

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Bronze – 2014 San Diego International Beer Competition (Barley Wine)Gold – 2013 Great American Beer Festival (Barley Wine-Style Ale)Bronze – 2012 World Beer Cup (Barley Wine-Style Ale)Silver – 2011 Great American Beer Festival (Barley Wine-Style Ale)Gold – 2008 World Beer Cup (Aged Beer)Silver – 2008 Great American Beer Festival (Barley Wine-Style Ale)

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Known for their malty flavors, great English Barley Wines also have an alter on the other side of the Atlantic: the American Barley Wine. And what better illustration of the style of the Old Numbskull Alesmith, a beer with the counter not less than 96 IBUs! Visually, this American beer proposes a red amber color and a beautiful creamy white foam. The nose is complex, the slightly roasted malt as well as candied fruits. In the mouth, it is primarily the aggressiveness of hopping that speaks with a powerful bitterness. The long finish is superb. Like its cousin, the Alesmith Speedway Stout, Old Nimbskull this is a beer that can be enjoyed on time or to age for many years in a cellar adapted!
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