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Boon Rawd Brewery (Beer)

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Singha Thai beer is a blonde. This lager grading 5 ° alcohol is the oldest (established in 1933) and most popular in the country. Singha beer is a beer pils type lager, designed by the brewery Pathumthani, Thailand. Fruit dun ancestral process manufacturing, Singha accompanies number of tourists and vacationers throughout their travels and stays in Thailand. Now you can relax and dive into your festive holiday memories in there enjoying a Singha. Made from premium quality of ingredients. Brewed exclusively from malt of barley, Singha beer is a rich taste and enhanced flavor hops. Perfect to accompany the flavors of Asian culinary delights, it is also excellent to use as a refreshing drink in a festive atmosphere. For the record, Sing-to means "lion" in Thai, hence the presence of a lion to Thai traits on the white label accented by gold, according to the color of the drink shades.

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