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Baladin (Beer)

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Super Baladin 250ml

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Super Playboy is a craft beer produced by Italy Baladin brewery. It is an amber beer is not pasteurized before bottling and has a bottle fermentation process to enable it to refine its taste and its alcohol countenance. Super Playboy is now the flagship of the young Brasserie Playboy. This Super Playboy appears dressed in a cloudy glass and amber color tending towards light brown. It is adorned with a very thin layer of foam and persistent low reflecting low effervescence of this beer in glass. Super Playboy developing nostrils honeyed aromas of malt and sugar candy, fruity aromas of white fruit, apricot, citrus and apples. A slight touch of acidity and a slightly reminiscent ester cider are also noticeable. In the mouth, we discover a very soft material and relatively well balanced. On the palate, appear beautiful malty flavors of caramel and fruit. Very creamy on the palate, it glides over the palate with a silky, honeyed texture and leaves a slight bitterness in the back dry mouth. This beer goes perfectly with mature cheeses, biscuits and almond cakes.

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