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Thornbridge Brewery (Beer)

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Thornbridge Versa 50cl

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The Thornbridge Versa is a lager, natural disorder, part of the family of Weissbier. It is brewed with Bavarian barley malts, the pale ale, pale caramel and crystal. Hops hand, Thornbridge Versa is brewed with Tettnanger. The Weisse Versa is discovered with an orange, elevated a light, white foam. Flamboyant, she will note that resemble banana or lemon. The mouth, delicate and soft, reveals a fruity sweetness, well balanced. The Thornbridge brewery is a brewery which is revealed by its innovative and collaborative side. She shares the passion and knowledge with brewing beer lovers. Brewers all have different experiences and come together around common projects to achieve exceptional beers, strong of a return to the brewing world. Their passion for good beers tasty results in the denial of any process that could distort beer. With their beers, you will find craft beers, real real.

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