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Abbaye de Chimay

Abbaye de Chimay

Route Charlemagne, 8
Baileux (ZIP Code 6464)
Bourlers, Belgium
+32 (0)60 / 21.03.
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The Cistercian monks at work put the same effort for perfection as they put into their life of prayer and study. Over time the monastery has developped a true art of brewing and cheese making at the Abbey of Scourmont in Chimay. What would the Trappist beers and cheeses of Chimay be without the long monastic tradition, which had made its authentic flavor? You need to know a little history to understand the spirit that inspired these monks for centuries ...

Scourmont Abbey:

During the summer of 1850 a small group of monks settled in the wild plateau of Scourmont, near Chimay. Around the monastery they built a farm, a brewery and a cheese factory. Scourmont Abbey developped various economic activities, which increased the region's employment.

Beer, worthy of trust, and revenues, which are allocated to social services:

Chimay beer, produced exclusively in the abbey of Notre-Dame de Scourmont, is one of the 7 beers in the world that can carry the logo "Authentic Trappist Product". This logo certifies that the product actually comes from a Trappist abbey, which was manufactured under the control and responsibility of the religious Trappist community and most of the revenues collected from sales will be used for social services (most proceeds go to social work).

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