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Rua Da Aveleda 2, 4560-570
Penafiel (ZIP Code 4560-570)
(+351) 255718200
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Aveleda SA is a family business that has more than three centuries led generations of the same family, whose talent always dedicated to producing quality wines that are recognized, and whose fame crossed our borders long ago.

Market leader in the area of ​​Green Wine, Aveleda is one of the largest wine producers in Portugal, and annually exports more than half of its production to 70 countries worldwide.

Preserving until today its family character, Aveleda has evolved over time combining dedication, tradition and innovation, and conducting a careful management that allows you to fully satisfy the market requirements and enhance product quality and services.

Since 1870, Aveleda has been managed and maintained by the same family, keeping the same since then manly name: Guedes. The history of the Guedes family always went by Quinta da Aveleda, which now forms part of the identity of the family.

Aveleda is a name with multiple generations.The earliest records of selling bottled wine from 1870, with the help of Manuel Pedro Guedes (1837-1899), known for its entrepreneurial spirit and considered the founder of the business, as we know it today. His work paid off, and the quality of wines Aveleda began to be recognized, as shown by the gold medals in international competitions in Berlin (1888) and Paris (1889).

Today the company still belongs 100% to the Guedes family, always committed to keep this family legacy that has gone through several generations. Son of Manuel Pedro Guedes, Fernando Guedes da Silva da Fonseca (1871-1946) continued the work of his father, greatly increasing the productive capacity of the Fifth. He was succeeded by 7 children, having led Robert Van Zeller Guedes (1899-1966) the family business, devoting his life to work Aveleda. The 4th generation consists of six children of Robert Van Zeller Guedes: Fernando, Luis, Antonio, Maria Isabel, Maria Helena and Roberto - who currently manage the activities of the company along with the next generation: 14 cousins ​​that make up the 5th generation .

Currently the largest exporter of Vinho Verde, Aveleda is proud to remain a family business in every aspect.

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