Belondrade y Lurton

Belondrade y Lurton

Quinta San Diego. Camino Del Puerto.
La Seca (ZIP Code 47491)
Valladolid, Castilla y León
(+34) 983 481 001
(+34) 600 590 024

The winery Belondrade, SL was founded in 1994 with the idea of ​​moving the Burgundian techniques the Verdejo grape.

Directed by Didier Belondrade, a Frenchman in love with Spain, interested in the native Verdejo grape and its ability to foster intuited, produced in 1994 his first crop of Belondrade y Lurton with a production of 10,000 bottles. Thirteen years later the average crop production is 80,000 bottles.

Since 2000 the winery was built by French architect Vincent Dufos du Rau, is located in the municipality of La Seca, dominating a vast landscape that highlights Castilian modern integrated architecture of the winery. Located on the farm Quinta San Diego, is named the second son of Didier.

3 are Belondrade wine cellar, 2 of them are named after the daughters of Didier (Clarisa and Apollonia):

  • The Belondrade y Lurton, 100% Verdejo is fermented and aged in French oak for an average of one year and stays asleep for six months in bottle before being marketed.

    • The Fifth APOLONIA, is the second wine of the winery, the fruit of the grapes from young vines and the first selections Belondrade y Lurton made after fermentation, allowing us to maintain the philosophy of the winery and through each day quality Belondrade y Lurton.
  • The Fifth CLARISA is the fruit of a vineyard located in the vicinity templanillo farm Quinta San Diego.


    Altitude: 750 meters

    Climate: Continental, cold winters and short summers and warm

    Rainfall: 300-350 mm / year


    Hectares of vineyards: 25 Ha

    Soil type: sandy clay Singing and

    Planting Type: Glass to the actual frame 3x3, trellis with a density of 1100 to 3300 feet per hectare

    Yield: 36 Hl / Ha. (4500-5000 kg / ha.)

    Grape varieties: Verdejo

    Hometown grapes: 80% own and 20% purchased from the same grower.

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