Bodegas Alión

Bodegas Alión

Carretera N 122, Km 312
Peñafiel (ZIP Code 47300)
Valladolid, Castilla y León
(+34) 983 881 236
+34 983 881 646

Bodegas Alion, with this new challenge, the Alvarez family wanted to demonstrate that the legendary winery could make modern wines according to tendencies in the 21st century. Elegant and modern as Ribera del Duero can be.

The Alión story began in 1986, when the Álvarez family decided to create a winery which, with its own vineyards, was to produce a wine with a philosophy and an identity different and independent from that of Bodegas Vega Sicilia. Thus, the possibility of making the wine in the Vega Sicilia installations was discarded; the Álvarez did not wish to create a brand that might be considered as a second wine from the mythical name.

Before acquiring the installations., the family bought land in order to ensure its own vineyards. In 1987, they acquired 25 hectares of vines in the locality of Padilla de Duero (Peñafiel), 18 hectares of which were planted, at the beginning of 1988, with the tempranillo variety. Primarily, the intention was to have 100 hectares of vineyards, but the impossibility of acquiring land in optimum condition forced a change of opinion and the decision was taken to extend the vine-growing land area of Vega Sicilia for it to provide grapes to the new winery. It was then decided to choose a company which, without being well-known, had proper winemaking facilities and installations.

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