Bodegas Peñascal

Bodegas Peñascal

Ctra. Valladolid A Segovia (N-601) Km 7,3
Laguna De Duero (ZIP Code 47140)
Valladolid, Castilla y León
+34 983 54 60 80
+34 983 54 60 81

Hijos de Antonio Barceló was founded in 1876. From its origins in Málaga, HA BARCELÓ, the company had already earned a prestigious reputation for the quality of its characteristic wines.

Almost a 100 years later the Company began to develop the new business line, Bodegas Peñascal, initially settled in Tudela de Duero (Valladolid), which in 1973 began one of the most successful projects in the national wine history.

Today the company is recognized as a brand of assurance and confidence, which stands for product quality. Especially the 'Aguja rosado' continues to impress consumers all over Europe. The distinctive bottle design, shaped like a teardrop, is one of the greatest marketing successes in the history of Spanish winemaking. The new and successful style of wine, combined with a smart trading policy turns Peñascal to one of the best-known and recognized wine brands in Spain.

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