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Castello di Ama

Castello di Ama

Località Ama, 55
Gaiole In Chianti
+39 0577/746031

Ama takes its name from a small village located on the hills almost 500 meters above sea level. Five centuries ago around it flourished agricultural activity and the production of wine taken care of by a group of families of the time. "From Radda we went to Amma three miles away on a hill; there are the Pianigiani, Ricucci and Montigiani houses which are the strongest in the Chianti area and truly live by people rich in the countryside, they spend all their time in cultivations and vineyards and take care of themselves for their effects. Around Castello di ama there are the most beautiful hills and valleys in all of Chianti, cultivated with marvels with fertile soils with grains, olive trees and beautiful vineyards ", wrote, in the eighteenth century, the Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Habsburg Lorraine in his Report on the Government of Tuscany.

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