Château La Gurgue

Château La Gurgue

Château La Gurgue
Margaux (ZIP Code 33460)
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The history of Chateau Gurgue and the village of Margaux have often crossed paths. One after the other, two owners of the vineyards were elected mayor of this famous village! The first was Mr Lanoire, who gave his name to the chateau for a time, and enriched it with precious plots of land situated in Curton. Then the Chateau once again returned to its original name, that of a hamlet belonging to the village. The chateau was sold to him by the rich Portuguese banker, Peixotto, whose fortune was contemporary to that of Perreires and Rothschild. Alas, his success did not last as long as that of these two famous colleagues. This Cru Bourgeois produced a fairly decent wine until the arrival of Bernadette Villars in 1979. Her team was already making miracles at Chasse Spleen. This new wine suddenly made an incredible leap quality-wise.

The most modern equipment was installed, and some of the abandoned plots were totally restored. Ten years later fifty great wine tasters, reunited for the "Essay on the Margaux style" chose it as one of the ten most typically Margaux wines, together with eight Grands Crus Classés and one Cru Bourgeois.

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