Château Nénin

Château Nénin

Pomerol (ZIP Code 33500)
Pomerol, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
(+33) 556 732 526
(+33) 556 591 833

Nenin is unusual in Pomerol in that it is one of a mere handful of large estates; it accounts for more than 30 hectares of the appellation, when the norm is a small fraction of that. The history of these 30-or-so hectares is, in the beginning at least, somewhat sketchy. The origin of the name of the estate is uncertain, although I personally imagine it reflects the name of a long-forgotten owner, perhaps even the man that established the vineyard, and there is no real detail on subsequent proprietors, even as recently as two centuries ago. It is not until the mid-19th century that the mists of time begin to clear. At this juncture the property was in the hands of the Paillet family although this was not the case for long; a daughter took the property with her as a dowry when she married into the Despujols family, and for many decades it is this latter name that has been most associated with Nenin. Proprietors during the advance of phylloxera, oidium, the wars of the 20th century and the economic doldrums that came with them, the family remained in charge of the estate through to the 1990s

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