Château Sociando Mallet

Château Sociando Mallet

Château Sociando Mallet
Saint Seurin De Cadourne (ZIP Code 33180)
Médoc, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
(+33) 556 733 880
(+33) 556 733 888

Château Sociando-Mallet is located in the commune of Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne, around 10 kilometers North of Pauillac, in the apellation of Haut-Médoc.

A document dating back to March 1633 refers to noble land in this commune, belonging to a family of basque origin called Sossiondo, of which a member was bishop of Bayonne.

Another document of 1750 mentions the viners of Demoiselle Anne of Sossiondo. Over the years Sossiondo became Sociando due to a simple spelling mistake.

In 1793, according to official archives, a certain Guillaume de Brochon, a royalist lawyer, living at Sociando was arrested an his land was sequestered and sold as National Property. Jean Lamothe, Brochon's father-in-law, the purchased Sociando.

In 1831, Marie-Elisabeth Alaret, owner of Sociando and Lamothe's niece, married Achille Mallet, a naval captain. The newly-weds thus named the property Sociando-Mallet, following the custom of adding one's name to the domain.

Between then and Jean Gautreau's arrival to Sociando-Mallet, the domain goes through the hands succesively of the wine merchants Léon Simon, Delor, Louis Roullet, Emile Tereygeol, who was also owner of Pontoise-Cabarrus at that time.

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