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Destilerías Campeny

Destilerías Campeny

Carretera Nacional II Km. 636,4
El Masnou (ZIP Code 08320)
Barcelona, Catalonia
+3493 540 25 00
+3493 555 91 01

Destilerías Campeny is a company based in Barcelona that has been crafting fine spirits since 1970. With a large portfolio of more than 50 products, Destilerías Campeny has kept evolving over the years to keep up with the tastes and demands of the market. The Catalan cream liquor Melody is a stand out product from the brand, as is Tann’s Gin, which was reformulated in 2009 to international acclaim.


Founded by Amadeo Campeny i Pons in 1970, Destilerías Campeny is a family business that now distributes its extensive portfolio of products around the world. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of this Catalan entrepreneur, the company has become of the leaders in the Spanish liqueur market. Destilerías Campeny now exports its products to more than 25 different countries around the world.

Product Range

Destilerías Campeny has a fine portfolio of more than 50 products that are based on the philosophy of supply and demand, evolving steadily as its consumers’ demands do.

The cream liquors range contains a number of cream-based products to make soft and flavourful drinks. The low alcohol content makes these products perfect for enjoying at any occasion. This range contains Cafetino Capuccino, Limonetto, Melody, Regent Whisky Cream, and the Tolón-Tolón (in Leche Merengada, Chocolate, Macadamia, and Whisky) line, among others.

The cocktails collection contains both ready-to-drink cocktails and cocktail mixes to make the enjoyment of high-quality cocktails as easy as “just add ice”. This line includes Mamasita, Agua del Desierto, Guacamayo, Waikiki Caribbean Coco-Ron, Zaraska Black, Nordbrand, Caribe Beach, and more.

In liquors, there are four tequilas on offer, Ranchitos Silver, Ranchitos Gold, Panchitos Silver, and Alentador Premium Silver. Le Diable absinthe is available in four varieties: Rouge, Bleu, Vert, and Noir. Axelvar Vodka, Tann's Premium Gin, and Only Premium Gin help fill out the white liquor offerings.

As a Spanish company, a good collection of orujos is a must. For that reason, the Xubileo orujo is available in four flavours: Aguardiente, Herbal Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur, and Albariño Orujo Cream.

Finally, the schnapps collection is perfect for crafting the cocktail of your dreams. With Pomverd Green Apple & Mandy Peach, Beverly Fruit Liqueurs, and Campeny Fruit Schnapps, you will have the flavours you need to craft your next great drink.

Other Relevant Information

The large number of cream liquors offered by the brand are thanks to the company’s special know-how. Thanks to pre-emulsification, a high-pressure homogeniser, and carefully controlled temperatures, these liquors are a great asset to the company and a great addition to its portfolio.

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