Domaine Castagnier

Domaine Castagnier

20 Rue Des Jardins
Morey-Saint-Denis (ZIP Code 21220)
Borgoña, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
(+33) 0 380 343 16
(+33) 0 380 585 00

Domaine Castagnier's proprietors are Guy and his father in law Gilbert Vaday, whom together have more than 80 years of vineyard and wine making experience. Their wines are always slow to mature, very classical in structure with many delicate flavors that are the results of old vines and the terroir of their appellations. The historic and tradional style of wine making that these two viticulteur employ creates tightly knit complexities of flavors that require a slow maturing process over many years. It is an old style of wine making that demands patience to ultimately enjoy the unique qualities of the pinot noir found in the micro-climats of these older vineyards, situated among the grand cru appellations of the Cotes du Nuits.

There can be two or three evolutionary stages in the aging of bourgognes like these. Each of the vintages are at different stages of flavor and structure developement and should be considered individually for their enjoyments, both now and into their future refinements. These wines have been on my tasting block with experienced clients, and I have personally tasted each of them periodically. The following are some brief comments, call me to discuss these wines in greater detail. To taste them is to really know them, their qualities and values are hard to beat.

The 2002 vintage is a perfect example of the "l'entremant" (the patience) required to receive their total wine potentials. Buy the 02 vintage for the future as they are currently still too young to fully enjoy. You would have to open your bottles two days in advance to begin to fill their weight out, and still they would have unused flavors locked away in the bottle! A minimum of at least another 3 years for the village and 5 years for the grand cru selections before they begin to show their stuff!!!

The small harvest, in the Cote de Nuits, gave the 2001 vintage classical balance. The flavors of Castagnier's wines were clearly characteristic of their vineyard and individual terroir. The wines have firm acidities and will require another year or two, into 2007, before they are perfect for easy enjoyment. These wines were already tasting very good when we last had them in March of 2006.

The 1998 seems dry now but I think they are moving into finely structured maturity with delicacy and depth. They will require more lay down time, possibly another year or more before they evolve into reserved maturity. Overall these wines are well worth their costs and given a touch more time will represent a bargain for mature burgundies in today's market.

For the next several years 1999 is the vintage to drink, as it moves into greater maturity. These wines have lasting fruit and some excellent second level maturities. Definition of the different appellations is quite apparant. The Clos Vougeot has the biggest mouth fill, Clos St Denis the most eleganance, Charmes is great now with very good balance, and the Clos de la Roche still requires more time. This is a wonderful drinking time for these wines, just before their fruit folds back into the wine over the next several years, as they mature fully.

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