Dominio de Tares

Dominio de Tares

Los Barredos 4
San Román De Bembibre (ZIP Code 24318)
León, Castilla y León
(+34) 987 514 550
(+34) 987 514 570

The Dominio de Tares Estate is located in the High Bierzo, at San Roman de Bembibre which lies within the industrial zone of the High Bierzo.

The firm relies on a young, professional and creative team which concentrates its efforts to meet cosumers' demands.

These have relied on the quality of our wines vintage after vintage.

Dominio de Tares has become a reference winery for wine producers, not only for the quality of the wines, but for the actual concept we have developed.

The wine is the core of all our activities. The reality of the Bierzo wine producing area, similar to an immense puzzle, diverse in soils and microclimates, is where we concentrate our researches, studying each "terroir".

Thus, the "Chateau" concept whereby the winery is situated within an only vineyard area, is not valid in this region.

The efforts of the Technical team at Dominio de Tares and the Technical people at the University of Leon, focus on discovering old vineyards to offer the best.

The premises are located within an industrial zone where all services are available such as water supply, communication networks, easy access to the winery, etc. This completes what we expect as a company.

The best wines with the best services is what actually situates Dominio de Tares as a reference winery.

Our efforts have aimed at satisfying and surprising with each new vintage produced by our expert winemakers and thanks to the loyalty of our consumers, we have been rewarded for our work by a long list of medals and awards which authentically confirm we have placed our Mencia and Godello wines at the highest ranking.

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