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Fontodi has belonged since 1968 to the Manetti family for centuries dedicated to another typically Chiantigian activity: the production of the famous terracottas. Precisely in the name of this strong link with the territory and with great passion for quality, the company has successfully addressed a more and more careful cultivation of the vineyards and a deeper knowledge of the potential of Sangiovese in the territory of Panzano.

Fontodi is a certified organic farm and covers 170 hectares of which more than 80 are cultivated in vineyards. The agriculture that is practiced is inspired by the principles of naturalness and sustainability: not only do not use synthetic chemicals but we try to better enhance the internal resources of the company by reducing external inputs. For example, the vineyards are fertilized using a compost produced by the union of pruning residues and the dung coming from the breeding of chianines present in the farm. Respecting the environment produce better wines, cleaner and with better expression of the territory.

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