Monte Baixo is an exclusive line of wines made for the Makro company. This international wholesale distributor exports wine to 33 different markets. The Monte Baixo line has won awards for its Monte Baixo Alentejo Reserva, in particular. With fine red and white offerings from both the Vinho Verde and Alentejo regions of Portugal, this line of wines is an excellent way to show the world the quality of true Portuguese wines.


Makro, founded in Amsterdam in 1968, is a chain of wholesale stores. Owned by the German Metro Group, Makro offers both food and non-food products to its members, who are usually businesses. Since founding, Makro has grown, opening stores all over Europe and the world along the way.

Since the group has 47 stores in the Iberian Peninsula, it is not surprising that it chose to produce wines in cooperation with the largest producers in the Portuguese Vinho Verde and Alentejo regions. Its focus on private label wines allows Makro to export these special selections to the markets where the group has a presence. Spain, France, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Japan are just some of the markets where Makro exports its delicious range of Portuguese wines.

Product Range

Monte Baixo currently has four lines of wines from two different Portuguese DOC regions.

  • Monte Baixo Vinho Verde: Available in both red and white expressions, this line of wines from the Vinho Verde region is fruity, fresh, and balanced.
  • Monte Baixo Alentejo: Also available in red and white versions, using grapes from the Alentejo region, this elegant wine is balanced and full of flavour.
  • Monte Monsantus Alvarinho: This white wine, made from Alvarinho grapes from the Vinho Verde region, is fruity and soft with a long finish.
  • Monte Baixo Alentejo Reserve: An award-winning red wine made with a beautiful blend of grapes from the Alentejano region.
  • Other Relevant Information

    The Vinho Verde region is located in the northernmost reaches of Portugal, on the western coast. This region is known for its young wines, which are released within six months of the harvest of the grapes. This allows for the freshest characteristics of the grapes to make it to the final product.

    The Alentejo region is located in the southern corner of Portugal, also on the western coast. Known as the breadbasket of the country, this fertile region is full of plains with rich soil that is perfect for the production of fine wines.

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