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Mount Gay Distilleries Limited

Mount Gay Distilleries Limited

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Mount Gay Distilleries Limited is the oldest brand of rum in the world. From its island home in the West Indies, this historic brand crafts and distributes its distinct Barbadian rum. With the classic Eclipse, the small-batch Black Barrel and Pot Still, and the extra-aged XO, there is sure to be something for everyone.


Founded in 1703 in Barbados, Mount Gay Distilleries Limited is officially the longest-surviving rum brand. The oldest remaining deed for the distillery dates back to 1703 but distillation on the site may go back even further. Originally owned by John Sober, who inherited the distillery, the Sober family hired Sir John Gay Alleyne to help manage the company. His success and achievements led to the company being renamed Mount Gay in 1801 in his honour. Mount Gay joined the Rémy Cointreau Group in 1989 and is now sold in more than 110 countries worldwide.

Product Range

Mount Gay offers a full range of aged Barbadian rums. The brand also regularly offers special releases and limited edition rums. The core members of the portfolio include:
  • Mount Gay Eclipse: First released in 1910, this is the heart of the Mount Gay lineup. Eclipse serves as a reference point for all other varieties of rum offered by the brand. This golden rum is aged in ex-American whiskey barrels.
  • Mount Gay Black Barrel: This small-batch rum is handcrafted using traditional column and pot stills before being aged in ex-American whiskey casks and finished in black barrels, which in this case are heavily charred ex-bourbon casks.
  • Mount Gay XO: This handcrafted rum is a reserve cask edition from the Barbadian brand. The XO stands for extra old, in reference to the 8 to 15 years this spirit spends ageing in the charred ex-American whiskey and ex-bourbon casks.
  • Mount Gay 1703 Master Select: This limited release varies slightly from year to year, but is always sure to keep the same character. Made using the best rums of the year, as selected by the master distiller, this is the best of the best.
  • Mount Gay Pot Still Rum: Part of the master blender collection, this limited edition rum was exclusively distilled in the double-pot stills to celebrate the traditional production of rum.
  • Other Relevant Information

    The Caribbean climate of Barbados has a distinct effect on the ageing process. The tropical climate allows a rum produced here to reach maturity two or three times faster than in a temperate climate. Each individual rum offered by Mount Gay is a carefully crafted blend of dozens of rums, which come from both column stills and pot stills.

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